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Air France Airlines Checkin Policy

Take a detailed look at the Air France Checkin policy and guidelines for your next Air France flight, outlining everything from web checkin process to checkin time.
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Air France Online Checkin

AirFrance Checkin Policy

According to Air France's online checkin policy, passengers can initiate the check-in process 30 hours prior to the flight's departure, allowing travelers to complete the process from their preferred location. Online checkin offers several advantages:

  • Selection of preferred seating for added comfort during the flight
  • Electronic receipt of the boarding pass, a crucial requirement for boarding the aircraft

Travelers flying with Air France Airlines from the United States can access online checkin 24 hours before departure. The website can be accessed via a laptop or desktop computer to utilize this service.
Within the "checkin" section, the booking reference or Flying Blue card number should be entered. The process can be completed by clicking on ‘checkin ONLINE NOW’

Air France Online check in

Air France Web checkin via Mobile App

The mobile app offers a streamlined checkin process for travelers constantly moving. checkin can be performed using a smartphone, with the boarding pass downloaded directly to the device, ensuring that all essential information is readily accessible.

Air France checkin Policy - Canceling Your checkin

Should plans change, online checkin can be canceled until the checkin deadline is reached. The specific deadline may vary based on the destination, so check the flight's specific deadline.
To cancel your checkin or to check your eligibility, go to the check-in page on the official website and select the ‘Cancel Check-in’ option.
Enter the required booking details and proceed to cancel your check-in.

Air France cancel check in

Air France Airlines checkin policy - Next Steps for Your Journey

1. Receiving Your Boarding Pass

After completing Air France checkin process, travelers have several options for receiving the boarding pass. Choices include receiving it via email, downloading it to a smartphone, immediate printing, or collecting it at the airport through an interactive kiosk. If online or kiosk checkin is impossible, the boarding pass can be obtained at an airport checkin counter. 

2. Printing Your Baggage Tag

Travelers with checked baggage can save time by printing the baggage tag before heading to the airport. Interactive kiosks at the airport are available for this purpose.

3. Getting to the Airport

To ensure a stress-free journey, travelers should consider the Boarding Deadline, typically 15 to 20 minutes before the flight's departure. A visit to the baggage drop-off counter is necessary for those with checked baggage, while those without checked baggage can proceed directly to the boarding hall. Sufficient time should be allocated for the checkin process and security checks.

Air France Airlines checkin policy - Air France Checkin Time at the Airport

For a smooth experience, arriving at the airport with enough time to drop off baggage and navigate security checkpoints comfortably is recommended. The recommended arrival time, based on airport conditions, is indicated on the boarding pass. If not specified, travelers should aim to arrive 3 hours before an international flight or 2 hours before a flight within France and Europe.

Air France checkin policy -Unaccompanied Minors

When a child travels alone, arriving at the checkin counter with the child at least 30 minutes before the flight's checkin Deadline is important to ensure a seamless journey.

Air France Airlines checkin policy- Boarding Deadline

Travelers should be mindful of the Boarding Deadline, which marks the point beyond which boarding the aircraft is impossible. The deadline is 15 minutes before flights between specific destinations and 20 minutes before departure for all other flights.
For specific departure time information, passengers are encouraged to refer to their boarding pass or visit the Status for Flight Departures page for updates on flight delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web checkin is available for most Air France flights. However, there may be exceptions for certain flights or destinations.

Air France online checkin allows you to choose your preferred seat and receive your boarding pass electronically, saving you time at the airport.

The checkin Deadline is the time limit you must complete the checkin process. It's important because, after this deadline, you may not be allowed to board the aircraft.

Yes, you can cancel your online checkin until the checkin Deadline, which may vary depending on your destination.

After completing online checkin, you can receive your boarding pass via email, download it to your smartphone, print it immediately, or collect it at the airport using an Air France interactive kiosk.

If you cannot obtain your boarding pass online or at an interactive kiosk, you must visit the airport's Air France checkin counter. Plan to arrive early, as additional security checks may be required before boarding.

The recommended arrival time at the airport is indicated on your boarding pass and is based on airport conditions. If not specified, aim to arrive 3 hours before an international flight or 2 hours before a flight within France and Europe.

If your child is traveling alone, please arrive at the Air France Airlines checkin counter with your child at least 30 minutes before the flight's checkin Deadline to ensure a seamless journey.

To complete Air France online checkin, visit the Air France website or use the mobile app. Enter your booking reference or Flying Blue card number in the "checkin" section and follow the instructions.

Air France checkin is confirming your presence on the flight and obtaining your boarding pass. You can start checkin 30 hours before your flight's departure time

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