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Air France Flight Change Policy

When managing and modifying travel plans with Air France, passengers are offered a range of options to ensure flexibility and convenience. Below is information on managing Air France bookings, changing flights, and understanding ticket change policies.

Air France Flight Booking Policy- Manage Air France Booking

Air France Flight Change Policy

Passengers can access user-friendly options for managing Air France bookings, whether they need to make itinerary changes or review reservations.

1. Manage Air France Booking- Online Booking Management

To manage Air France bookings online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Air France website
  2. Navigate to the 'Manage Booking' section
  3. Select the 'Review/Modify' option
  4. Enter the passenger's name and confirmation number
  5. Follow the provided link to make necessary changes
  6. Complete any required payment, including Air France change fees (if applicable)
  7. Expect to receive the new ticket confirmation via email or phone

2. Manage Air France Booking- Phone-based Booking Management

For passengers who prefer personal assistance, Air France reservations can be managed over the phone:

  1. Contact the Air France customer support team
  2. Discuss desired changes with a representative
  3. The representative will assist in amending the booking as per eligibility
  4. Make any necessary payments, including Air France flight change fees
  5. Receive the updated ticket confirmation via email or phone

3. Air France Manage Reservation - Assistance at the Ticket Counter

Passengers seeking in-person service can visit the Air France ticket counter at their nearest airport:

  1. Speak with a customer service executive for assistance
  2. Request the necessary changes to the booking
  3. The executive will assess eligibility and inform of applicable change fees
  4. Complete the payment for any associated fees
  5. Receive the updated ticket

Air France Flight Change Policy

The Air France flight change policy is designed to accommodate changes in travel plans. Here's what passengers need to know:

1. Air France flight Change Within 24 Hours

As per the policy, changes to flight tickets can be made for free within 24 hours of booking. This applies to all types of fares, regardless of the ticket class. Please note that non-refundable flight tickets may have limitations on certain changes.

2. Air France ticket Change Policy Change Methods

Changes to Air France flights can be made using the same method used to purchase the ticket. If the ticket was bought online, changes must also be made online. Failure to change within the 24-hour risk-free window may result in Air France change fees.

Air France Flight Change Policy- Changing Flight Date and Time

The flight change policy allows changes in flight dates. Passengers may need to pay the fare difference between the initially purchased ticket and the new one. To change the date online, use the 'Time to Think' option on the official Air France website under the 'Manage Booking' section.

Changing flight time at the airport will incur a service fee of $20, regardless of the 24-hour free change window.

Air France Ticket Change Fees

Air France change fees vary based on ticket type, destination, and the timing of the changes. Passengers can change their flight tickets through third-party agents by paying an Air France flight change fee of $50. Insured tickets allow changes without additional Air France flight change fees.

Air France Manage Reservation Policy

Air France offers standard seat selection to passengers in advance. This service is available at no extra charge when passengers complete online check-in. The following points should be noted regarding the Air France Manage reservation policy:

  • Seat selection should be completed at least 30 hours before the flight departure time
  • Change seat fees will vary based on the flight date, ticket type, and destination
  • Passengers can also make payments using Blue Credits or Flying Blue Miles
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets through Silver, Gold, or Flying Blue Membership, as well as children flying alone and travelers with flex fare ticket types, can request a free change in seat selection.

Air France Change Name Policy

Changing a passenger's name on an Air France ticket may not always be permitted. For name correction or spelling errors, passengers should contact the airline support team for assistance. Changes or corrections made through the service center may incur a service fee. Please ensure that name corrections are made at least 72 hours before the scheduled flight departure. A name change fee may be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage your Air France booking through the official Air France website by visiting the 'Manage Booking' section.

You can change your Air France flight online by following the steps in this page's 'Online Booking Management' section.

Air France's change fees vary depending on factors such as ticket type, destination, and the timing of the changes. For more information, please refer to the 'Air France Ticket Change Fees' section.

Yes, changes to your Air France flight can be made for free within 24 hours of booking. This applies to all types of fares.

Yes, you can change the date of your Air France flight. Please refer to the 'Change in Flight Date' section for details on how to do this.

You can change your Air France flight time both online and offline. Follow the instructions for online changes in the 'Change in Flight Time' section. If you wish to make changes at the airport, please know the service fee mentioned.

The Air France seat change policy allows passengers to select seats in advance. The availability and fees for changing seats depend on flight date, ticket type, and destination. Please refer to the 'Air France Seat Change Policy' section for more details.

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