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Air France Pet Policy

Air France's Pet Policy is designed to provide a seamless and convenient travel experience for you and your pets. Please note that the specific policies, guidelines, and documentation requirements may vary based on the departure location, destination, booking date, travel date, and ticket type when flying with Air France.
For immediate assistance, you can contact the customer support number.

Air France Pet Policy- Pet Types Allowed

Air France Pet Travel

Air France welcomes various types of pets on its flights, and each category has specific requirements:

Air France Pet travel - Air France Pet In Cabin

Small Dogs and Cats

According to the Air France Pet policy and Air France Dog policy, small dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg (including the container) can travel in the cabin with passengers. The container must fit comfortably under the seat in front of you.

Air France Pet travel - In Hold

Larger Pets

Pets weighing 8 and 75 kg must travel in the hold. However, traveling with pets in the hold may be limited or prohibited on certain aircraft types. A request must be submitted at least 48 hours before departure to ensure availability and make necessary arrangements.
You can add your pet to your Air France booking through the ‘My Booking’ section on the official website. You can login to your account or through your booking reference number, access your existing booking, and proceed.

Air France Pet Travel booking

Air France Pet travel- By Cargo

Some pets, such as those not classified as cats or dogs, snub-nosed cats or dogs of specific breeds, or those exceeding the authorized weight limit for the hold (including the kennel), must be transported by cargo. Additionally, specific destination countries may require pets to travel exclusively by cargo.

Air France Pet Policy - Pet Travel Requirements

To ensure your pet's safe and smooth travel, it is essential to meet the following requirements:

Air France Pet Policy - Air France Pet Carrier Dimensions

The Air France Pet policy specifies that passengers can carry dogs/cats weighing less than 8 kg or 17 lb (including the container or carrier). When it comes to the Air France pet carrier dimensions or the Air France pet carrier size in the cabin, the container should be of a suitable size to carry only one animal per carrier per passenger.

If your pet is going to be transported in the hold, the corresponding Air France pet carrier dimensions or Air France pet carrier size is specified in the ‘Conditions for Transporting a Dog or Cat in the Hold’ form.

It must be noted that an extra baggage allowance on your Air France flight booking does not cover transportation of animals.

For details, refer to the Air France Baggage policy.

Air France Pet Policy - Health and Documentations

Health Certificate

Your pet must have a valid health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. This certificate must meet the specific requirements of your destination country and be issued within the specified timeframe before your departure.

Vaccinations and Identification

Ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and has proper identification, including an electronic microchip or a readable tattoo. For pets traveling within the European Union, a European passport is mandatory. Some countries, such as Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, or Malta, may have additional health requirements, so check with your destination country's embassy.

Cargo Travel

If your pet is traveling by cargo, following all guidelines provided by Air France Cargo for a safe journey is essential.

Air France Pet Policy - Pet Travel Accessories

To make your pet's journey more comfortable, purchase a suitable cabin bag or kennel through Air France Shopping. Delivery is available in select countries, and as a Flying Blue member, you can earn Miles with your purchase and even pay with your Miles.
Air France Dog Policy - Restricted and Prohibited Breeds

Air France Dog Policy has specific guidelines regarding certain dog breeds:

Prohibited Dogs

1st category dogs, as defined by the French Ministry of Agriculture, are prohibited on Air France flights. This includes attack dogs identifiable by their morphology, such as Staffordshire Terriers (pitbulls), American Staffordshire Terriers (pitbulls), Mastiffs (Bœrbœls), and Tosas.

Dogs with Restrictions

2nd category dogs, including Staffordshire Terriers with pedigree, American Staffordshire Terriers with pedigree, Tosas with pedigree, and dogs resembling Rottweilers in their morphological characteristics, are allowed in the cargo hold on Air France flights. Travel with these dogs requires contacting Air France Cargo, and they can travel on the same flight as their owners upon request, subject to availability.

Air France Pet Policy - Pet Travel Fees

Please note that pet travel is not included in the price of a ticket. The fee for traveling with pets varies depending on the destination and the type of travel:

  • Air France Pet in Hold: €100 (or equivalent currency)
  • Air France pet in Cabin: €70 (or equivalent currency)

Different fees may apply to specific routes and regions, so checking the Air France website or contacting customer service for precise pricing is recommended.

Air France Pet Policy - Additional Considerations

  • Dubai: Pet travel by cargo is the only mode of transport authorized to Dubai.
  • Canada: Certain dogs traveling from high-risk rabies countries and destined for specific purposes are no longer allowed in Canada.
  • United States: Special authorization is required for dogs in high-risk rabies countries within the last 6 months. Non-compliance with American health measures may result in additional costs.
  • Moscow to Paris: Pets cannot travel in the hold on this route.

Please note that pet travel regulations may change based on health regulations and restrictions imposed by local authorities. Stay informed before your trip to ensure a smooth journey for you and your pet.

If you want to make changes to your Air France booking, proceed to the Air France Flight Change policy page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air France allows certain pets, including dogs and cats, to travel on their flights. You can find detailed information about the types of pets allowed in Air France's pet policy.

To travel with your dog on Air France, you can either bring them in the cabin if they meet the size and weight requirements or transport them in the hold if they exceed the cabin limits. Specific guidelines are provided in the pet policy.

Pets traveling in the cabin on Air France must typically weigh up to 8 kg, including the container. The container should fit under the seat in front of you. For more details, please refer to the Air France pet policy.

Pet travel on Air France requires a valid health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, up-to-date vaccinations, proper identification (microchip or tattoo), and compliance with the destination country's regulations. Specific requirements can be found in the pet policy.

Pet travel fees on Air France vary depending on the type of travel (cabin or hold) and your destination. You can find detailed fee information in the pet policy.

Yes, Air France has specific guidelines for certain dog breeds. Prohibited breeds and restrictions can be found in the Air France dog policy.

Air France Shopping offers pet carriers that meet the airline's requirements. Delivery is available in select countries, and you can also earn Miles with your purchase as a Flying Blue member.

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