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American Airlines Baggage Policy

The American Airlines Baggage Policy aims to ensure you are well-informed and equipped with all the necessary information about your luggage, from the time of packing to the end of your journey. These guidelines vary depending on factors such as ticket type, selected cabin class, and your loyalty status with American Airlines.

American Airlines Baggage Policy - Checked Baggage

American Airlines Checked Baggage Policy specifies the number of bags, the weight and the size limit allowed on the flight, and the baggage fees. These factors can vary based on the passenger's itinerary and fare class.

American Airlines Baggage Policy - Number of Bags Allowed

DestinationMaximum Number of Checked Bags
  • Domestic
  • Transatlantic
  • Transpacific
  • South America
  • Brazil
  • Mexico / Caribbean / Central America

Take a look at the seat options on an American Airlines flight.

Complimentary Bags Allowed Based On The Class Of Seats

Class of SeatNumber of Complimentary Bags
First Class3
Business Class2
Premium Economy Class2
Main Cabin2

Complimentary Bags Allowed Based On Membership

Membership CategoryNumber of Complimentary Bags
  • OneWorld Ruby
  • AAdvantage Gold,
  • Eligible AAdvantage Aviator/Citi/AAdvantage Cardmembers (domestic AA-operated flights)
  • AAdvantage Platinum
  • OneWorld Sapphire Member
  • Confirmed Business and Premium Economy Customers
  • Confirmed Domestic First customers
  • TrueBlue Mosaic members
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • Confirmed Flagship First customers
  • OneWorld Emerald
  • Active U.S. military on personal travel
  • Active U.S. military and/or dependents with ID traveling on orders


  • Please note that the above complimentary bags policy is not eligible for Basic Economy Class
  • If you are eligible for complimentary bags based on your AAdvantage® or oneworld® status, the benefits will be determined by your highest status level at the time of ticketing or check-in.

    If your status level is:
    • Higher at the time of ticketing than at check-in, you should present your ticket receipt to the airport agent
    • Lower at the time of ticketing than at check-in, your current benefits will be applied automatically

For detailed information, go to the American Airlines Check-in Policy.

American Airlines Baggage Policy - Carry-on Baggage

American Airlines LuggageAmerican Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy allows passengers to bring one personal item and a carry-on bag on the plane. The personal item and carry-on bag must follow the following restrictions:

  • Personal item: The personal item must fit under the seat in front of you and can have a maximum size of 18 x 14 x 8 in or 45 x 35 x 20 cm
  • American Airlines Carry-on Size: The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat and can have a maximum size of 22 x 14 x 9 in or 56 x 36 x 23 cm (including handles and wheels)

Important Points:

  • The following items are not considered in your personal item or carry-on category:
    • Diaper bags (1 per child)
    • Breast pump
    • Small, soft-sided cooler of breast milk
    • Child safety seats and medical or mobility devices
  • Soft-sided garment bags with dimensions up to 51 inches / 130 cm (length + width + height) can also be considered as your carry-on item
  • It is recommended to label your carry-on baggage in a similar way to your checked bags
  • If your carry-on items cannot fit in the overhead bin or under the seat, American Airlines may require you to check them. This is because of the possibility that your carry-on baggage may not be according to the American Airlines carry-on size restrictions.
  • There could be additional restrictions on carry-on baggage at certain airports or on specific airplanes 
  • Musical instruments can also taken be as carry-on items, provided that they can fit  under the seat in front of them or in the overhead bin
  • If you’re traveling with a pet, pet kennels or containers are counted as carry-on baggage, and the carry-on pet fee will be applied. Check the details on American Airlines Pet Policy.
  • On regional flights, there may be limited overhead bin space. If your American Airlines carry-on size exceeds the personal item dimensions, you must valet your bag at the gate, which will be checked for free. Your bag will be handed over to you on the jet bridge after landing.
  • If you're carrying duty-free liquids in your carry-on bag, make sure they are packaged in a security tamper-evident bag, as allowed by TSA

American Airlines Baggage Policy - Weight And Dimensions

The weight and dimensions of luggage are based on the cabin you are traveling in.

American Airlines- Bags Size and Weight Limit

Maximum weight

These are the following weight limit based on the cabin (for all regions, except to/from Australia or New Zealand)

CabinComplimentary Bag Weight LimitExcess Charged Bag Weight Limit
Basic Economy Class50 lbs / 23 kgN/A
First Class/Business Class70 lbs / 32 kg50 lbs / 23 kgs
  • For flights to/from Australia or New Zealand: 70 lbs / 32kgs for complimentary bags and 50 lbs / 23 kgs for excess charged bags

Maximum Dimensions

The size limits of the bag are calculated by summing up the total outside dimensions of each bag: Length + Width + Height.

  • Length + Width + Height: 62 inches or 158 centimeters

American Airlines Baggage Fees

The American Airlines Baggage fees are applicable at every check-in location, and the base rates may vary depending on the travel dates and destination. The applicable taxes are not included in the displayed rates.

RegionBag 1Bag 2Bag 3Bag 4+
Haiti$0 / $30*$65$200$200
Central America (except Panama)$30$40 / $65**$200$200
Caribbean (except Cuba and Haiti)$30$40$200$200
Panama / South America (except Guyana, and Suriname)$0 / $45*$65$200$200
Guyana and Suriname$30$40$200$200
Transatlantic$0 / $75*$100$200$200

* Basic Economy fares do not include a free bag. Bag fees apply, including $30 for the first bag for travel to/from Haiti, $45 for the first bag for travel to/from South America (excluding Guyana and Suriname), and $75 for the first bag for Transatlantic Basic Economy travel (excluding Israel)

** A $65 2nd bag fee applies seasonally for travel to/from Honduras  

American Airlines Baggage Fees - Oversize and Overweight Bags 

The American Airlines baggage fees for overweight and oversized luggage depends on your destination. The fee will be charged per person and non-refundable even after canceling. If your bag is both oversized and overweight, then more than one fee may apply.

American Airlines Baggage Fees - Overweight Bags

Region51 lbs (23 kgs) - 70 lbs (32 kgs)71 lbs (32 kgs) - 100 lbs (45 kgs)
Europe, Israel, Qatar$100Not accepted
Mexico / Caribbean (excluding Cuba) / Central and South America$100$200
Between the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada$100$200
China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia$100$450 (Not accepted to/from Australia)
Cuba$200Not accepted

American Airlines Baggage Fees - Oversize Bags

The baggage fee varies depending on the destination if the dimensions are between 62in (158cm) and 126in (320cm)

Region62 in / 158 cm – 126 in / 320 cm
Europe, Israel, Qatar$150
Panama / South America (except Guyana / Suriname)$150
Between U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada$200
Mexico / Caribbean / Central America (except Panama) / Guyana / Suriname$200
China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand$200

Important Points: 

  • American Airlines checked baggage oversize limit are 126 in / 320 cm
  • American Airlines checked baggage overweight limit are 100 lbs / 45 kgs
Frequently Asked Questions
The baggage allowance for American Airlines can vary depending on factors such as the passenger's itinerary, fare class, and frequent flier status. Generally, for most regions, the allowance is one personal item and one carry-on bag, with additional checked bags allowed for a fee or complimentary based on the above-mentioned factors.
You can avoid American Airlines baggage fees by packing light and fitting all your belongings into a carry-on bag or personal item that meets the airline's size requirements. You can also consider flying in a higher class of service or having elite status in the AAdvantage program, which may include complimentary checked bags. Another option is to use an American Airlines co-branded credit card, which may offer free checked bags as a perk. Additionally, if you have an eligible military status, you may be able to check bags for free.
The checked baggage allowance on American Airlines varies based on the fare class, destination, and frequent flier status. Generally, passengers traveling in First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and those with elite status in the AAdvantage loyalty program are entitled to complimentary checked bags. However, Basic Economy passengers typically have to pay for checked bags.
American Airlines may make exceptions to the American Airlines carry-on size limit for certain items, such as assistive devices and medical equipment. It is recommended that passengers contact American Airlines in advance to confirm any exceptions or special arrangements.
Yes, American Airlines Basic Economy includes 1 carry-on and 1 personal item for free, which must be accommodated in the overhead bin or under the seat.
If your American Airlines carry-on size limit exceeds, you may be required to check it in at the gate or ticket counter, and additional fees may apply. You should check the carry-on size limit before packing to avoid any inconvenience.
Yes, passengers are allowed to bring a musical instrument as a carry-on on American Airlines, as long as it fits within the American Airlines carry-on size limit of 22 inches high by 14 inches long by 9 inches wide. However, if the musical instrument is too large, it may get checked at the gate or ticket counter.
American Airlines baggage fees vary for international flights depending on the destination and fare class. Fees for the first checked bag can range from $0 to $150, while fees for the second checked bag can range from $0 to $200.
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