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American Airlines Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your American Airlines ticket in a hassle-free manner. No cancellation charges are applicable if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of the initial booking, which means you will be eligible for a FULL REFUND. 

The American Airlines Cancellation Policy can help you identify which rules apply to your situation, enabling you to act appropriately. 

American Airlines 24-Hours Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your American Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking, you will be eligible for a refund as per the American cancellation policy. The refund eligibility will vary depending on the type of ticket purchased, but no cancellation fee will be charged.

American Airlines Cancellation

How to Cancel a Flight Ticket Through American Airlines?

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. On the homepage, select 'Your Trips'
  3. Choose the specific booking that requires cancellation and click 'Cancel Booking'
  4. Select 'Confirm' to make the cancelation
  5. A voucher of a differential amount, if any, will be issued to you after deduction of the applicable cancelation fees

Note: It is recommended to keep the email containing the six-digit record and 13-digit ticket number provided upon cancellation of a paid ticket. These details will be necessary if you plan to rebook your ticket.

How to Cancel an American Airlines Ticket Through the App?

Here are the steps to cancel your American Airlines flight ticket using the mobile app:

  1. Download the "American Airlines" app from your Play store or App store
  2. Launch the app and navigate to the "My Trips" section
  3. Input your name and booking reference to retrieve your reservation
  4. Choose the specific flight that you want to cancel
  5. Tap on the "Cancel Flight" option to initiate the cancellation process

American Airlines Cancellation Fee

The American Airlines cancellation policy does not impose charges on customers who cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking, but a cancellation fee is applicable if done after this 24-hour window.

Ticket TypeCancelation FeesSpecial Condition
Basic EconomyNot Permitted
  • Basic Economy Ticket cannot be canceled, except within 24 hours of the booking.
  • Basic Economy Ticket can be refunded if the passenger or the traveling companion dies, there are certain military orders, or the airline changes your flight by 61 minutes or more.
Non-refundable$200 (Domestic) 
$750 (International)
Refundable Ticket$0 
Award Tickets$150
  • If you book a ticket with Aadvantage miles, canceling the ticket will cost you $150 for the first award and $25 for every additional reward.

Changing Or Canceling Ticket With A Travel Waiver

Canceling a flight covered by a travel waiver is a straightforward process. These waivers are typically provided in situations such as inclement weather or natural disasters, allowing customers to cancel their flights at no charge. 

However, travel waivers' availability and terms and conditions may vary depending on the dates and airports affected.

American Airlines Refund Policy 2023

In case you are unable to travel with American Airlines, you can cancel your ticket and receive a refund as per the American Airlines Refund Policy:

Types of TicketsCondition for Refund
Non-refundable ticket
  • Canceled ticket within 24 hours of booking
  • American Airlines canceled your ticket
  • If there is a schedule change that is more than 4 hours to your departure time
  • Passenger or their companion dies
  • Order by the military to cancel your trip
Refundable ticket
  • Canceled anytime before the flight's departure
  • If you have partially traveled, then the value of the unused travel ticket will be refunded

In all cases, passengers should contact American Airlines customer service, and provide the necessary documentation. If approved, the airline will refund or provide travel credit which will be valid for one year from the original booking date.

  • Refunds to a credit card

Refunds for purchases made with a credit card will be issued within 7 days, but the credit may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your statement. 

  • Cash or check refunds

If you request a cash or check refund, American Airlines processes it within 20 days of receiving all required paperwork.

  • Refunds for seats, bags, and extras

If you have paid for additional services such as seats, bags, or other extras but did not use them due to a change in your travel plans, you are eligible to request a refund for these services. 

Please Note: Certain refund requests may take longer to process, such as those for tickets purchased in a foreign currency or those that require additional research or verification.

If you want to change your itinerary and don’t want to cancel the flight ticket, check the flight change procedure and your refund eligibility in the American Airlines Flight Change policy.

American Airlines Refund Policy - How to Submit a Refund Request

If you have not received your refund in accordance with the Refund policy by American Airlines, you can raise a request and submit a form online.

  1. Initiate the flight cancellation process as described above
  2. Fill out an online refund request form
  3. Enter your ticket number and last name, which can be found in the email sent to you
  4. Review your itinerary details and provide a reason for the cancellation
  5. Choose between receiving a voucher or a refund. If you have plans to travel with American Airlines in the future, a voucher may be more beneficial.
  6. After selecting an option, submit your refund request
  7. Your refund will be processed within 7 business days

How to use an American Airlines eVoucher?

  1. Access your voucher number and PIN by clicking on the link included in the email
  2. Apply your voucher to a new booking by entering the voucher number and PIN on the payment screen

Note: You can use a maximum of 8 vouchers for a single booking. If the ticket price exceeds the total value of the vouchers, you can pay the remaining amount using a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, American Airlines Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel a single ticket from a group reservation. If the ticket is refundable, you will receive a full refund within 7-14 business days.
Under the American Airlines Refund Policy, if American Airlines cancels your flight, they will either rebook your ticket on the next available flight or arrange an overnight stay if accommodations are available. You will get a refund if your ticket qualifies for the same.
No, you cannot cancel your reservation after checking in with American Airlines.
To cancel a Miles ticket, log in to your account and follow the prompts to cancel your reservation. You will be eligible for a full refund.
If American Airlines reschedules your flight, you may take the new flight or cancel and receive a full refund, under the American Airlines Cancellation Policy.
You can visit the American Airlines website and select "Contact American," then choose "Receipts and refund" to check your refund status.
Yes, as per the American Airlines Refund Policy you may request a refund for unused services and products, such as pet fees and luggage fees.
If you have a refundable ticket, you can cancel your American Airlines flight and receive a full refund. If you have a nonrefundable ticket, you must cancel within 24 hours of booking for a refund or use it within a year for an "open" ticket.
You can expect to receive your American Airlines refund within seven days of completing your refund request.
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