2023's Guide to Book Cheap Flights in November & December for the Holiday Season

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Flying to or with your loved ones around the holidays can amount to be one of your biggest travel expenses in the year if you do not explore the best time to book cheap flights in November and cheap flights in December. Each one of us holiday travelers have at some point wondered if there is a cheaper yet comfortable way to fly during Thanksgiving or Christmas. The answer is an absolute yes! All you need to know is where and when to look when booking cheap flights for the holiday season.

Your hard earned money should be spent somewhere worthwhile, like the Christmas gifts for your friends and family, and doing fun things when traveling to or with them. Spending a bomb on just your flying tickets is something you must avoid, considering everything else you could do with that money.

Get the best flight deals this holiday season

The experts at Air Flight Reservations studied huge volumes of flying data, supporting their conclusion that the busiest flying days typically have the most expensive flight tickets and the least busy flying days have cheaper flight tickets and better flight options. They managed to pin down a few dates that you must not miss if you’re looking to get the best Thanksgiving flight deals or Christmas flight deals this holiday season.

Cheap Flights in November

Book Cheap Flights in November

If you’re looking for cheap flights for Thanksgiving, it’s usually Turkey Day that’s the cheapest.

If flying on Thanksgiving Day is not an option for you, pick one of these 3 options for cheap flights for Thanksgiving, both pre-Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving -

Find cheap flights in November.

Cheap Flights in November - Pre-Thanksgiving

  1. The Saturday before Thanksgiving
  2. The Monday before Thanksgiving
  3. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Cheap Flights in November - Post-Thanksgiving

  1. The Wednesday after Thanksgiving
  2. Black Friday
  3. Giving Tuesday

To plan a Thanksgiving trip that won’t break your bank, schedule your flight tickets anywhere across these 3 days before and after Thanksgiving. Search the best options for cheap flights for Thanksgiving or call +1-888-209-7088 for instant flight booking assistance.

Cheap Flights in December

Book Cheap Flights in December

It is easier to find good options for cheap flights in December for traveling around Christmas time. Based on our observation, the cheapest flights for Christmas are available on Christmas Day and on Christmas Eve. People usually travel for Christmas before Christmas Eve which is why these two days are the least crowded days on all airlines. According to a report, 21st December to 23rd December are the busiest flying days around Christmas.

A relatively cheap itinerary around Christmas would be from 24th December to 28th December or 25th December to 29th December.

Best Time to Book Cheap Flights for Thanksgiving & Cheap Flights for Christmas

Book Cheap Flights for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Early booking is definitely the trick to find the best flight deals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ideally, the first week of September is the best time to book cheap flights for Thanksgiving and cheap flights for Christmas, with an average saving of a little less than 20% on flights in December and a little over 10% on flights in November, when compared to the flight tickets during peak days.

Best time to book cheap flights for Thanksgiving

  • First week of September
  • 31st October to mid-November

Best time to book cheap flights for Christmas

  • First week of September
  • First week of October
  • Early December

Wrapping Up

Calling all holiday travelers out there to explore cheap flight options for the best Thanksgiving flight deals and Christmas flight deals or call +1-888-209-7088, a 24x7 airline assistance.

Plan your holiday travel plans in a smart and efficient way to make the best use of our hard earned money this holiday season. Also, if you are planning on using award points with any US airline for your flight bookings, this would be the best way to spend fewer award points. Book cheap flights in November and cheap flights in December with a wide range of Thanksgiving flight deals and Christmas flight deals, across all popular airlines operating in the U.S.

We wish you the best this coming holiday season!

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