Delta Seat Selection - How to Select or Change Your Seat on a Delta Flight?

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Delta Airlines is a major American airline for both domestic and international flights, best known for its customer-centric focus and its high-quality service. One of the many facilities that Delta Airlines provides is the Delta seat selection, in which passengers can choose their seats based on their preferences. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the Delta Airlines seat selection policy and how you can conveniently and hassle-free select the right seat before your Delta Airlines flight.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Options

Delta Airlines offers you to select the seat of your choice. However, the Delta seat selection cost and other associated policies will depend on your ticket type or class you’re flying - Economy, Main Cabin, Premium Select, First Class, and Delta One Class.

Delta Seat Selection Rules For Different Ticket Types

Delta Seat Selection Rules For Different Ticket Types

1. Basic Economy Class

Basic Economy tickets have the most restrictions on different facilities provided by Delta Airlines, including seat selection options.

If you’re flying in the basic economy, you will not have the provision to select a seat. A seat will be randomly assigned to you after check-in.

However, there is an option to purchase a specific seat beginning seven days prior to the scheduled departure. The price for selecting a seat may vary depending on the trip and is determined on a per-segment basis.

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2. Main Cabin Class

The Main Cabin class of Delta Airlines, also known as regular economy, provides the benefit of delta airlines seat selection.

As a Main Cabin passenger, you can upgrade to Preferred or Delta Comfort Plus seats in the economy class itself. Both of these options have their own set of benefits.

  • Main Cabin Preferred: These seats are similar to regular main cabin seats, but they are typically located closer to the front of the plane and include window, aisle, and exit row seats. This category of seats is the most affordable upgrade from standard economy seating.
  • Comfort Plus: Comfort Plus tickets can be purchased directly during booking, and the price includes Delta seat selection. The cost of upgrading to Comfort Plus seats is comparatively higher than the Main Cabin Preferred seats. These seats have more legroom than main cabin seats and dedicated overhead bins. The perks include  complimentary beer and wine on all domestic and short-haul international flights.

3. Premium Select Class

Delta Airlines offers a premium economy class known as Premium Select, which features larger seats with better reclining, along with premium extras such as two free checked bags and earlier boarding. 

If you’re flying by Premium Select on Delta Airlines,  you can select any seat within the cabin at no additional charge.

4. Delta One and First Class

When traveling in Delta One and First Class cabins on Delta Airlines, you can select any seat within your respective cabins at no additional cost.

The Delta One and First Class cabins offer a luxurious travel experience, featuring spacious seats, two free checked bags, premium snacks and meals, priority boarding, and a dedicated flight attendant to assist passengers throughout the flight.

Delta Airlines Seat for Elite Customers

Delta Airlines provides certain seating benefits to passengers who are members of the Delta SkyMiles program and have earned the Medallion Elite status.

Delta Airlines Seat for Elite Customers

  • Main Cabin Preferred: 

All 4 tiers of elite status members can select Main Cabin Preferred seats at no additional charges while booking for main cabin seats.

  • Comfort Plus:

The two highest tiers, Platinum and Diamond level elite members, can select Comfort Plus seats at no additional cost while booking.

Gold members with Mid-tier elite status can select their seats starting 72 hours prior to departure. Silver members with low-level elite status can pick from available Comfort Plus seats starting 24 hours before departure.

How to Select Seats on a Delta Airlines Flight?

How to Select Seats on a Delta Airlines Flight

Online Delta seat selection at the time of booking

This is how you can select your seat while booking your Delta Airlines ticket-

  1. Visit 
  2. Navigate to the "Reservation" tab at the top of the homepage and enter your booking details, including your first and last name, confirmation number, or e-ticket number
  3. Click on the "Seats" icon next to your flight details to reveal the available seat options for your specific cabin class.
  4. Carefully review the seat information, including the seat type and any associated costs, before finalizing your selection
  5. Once you've confirmed your choice, simply click "Confirm Selection" to reserve your seat


  • You can also contact our customer service number for support in the Delta Airlines seat selection process
  • You can also select or change your seat by visiting the Delta Airlines official website
  • Certain seats may have an additional cost associated with them depending on your class of service and other factors

Online Delta seat selection after booking

If you want to change or modify your seat after booking your Delta Airlines flight, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit 
  2. Navigate to the "Reservation" tab at the top of the homepage and enter your booking details, including your first and last name, confirmation number, or e-ticket number. You'll be able to view all the flights you've booked with Delta
  3. To access seat selection options, simply navigate to the "Passenger Information" section on the same page

Offline Delta seat selection

You can select your seat offline with Delta Airlines by calling and speaking to a representative through their customer service number.

Provide the representative with your booking details, including your name and confirmation number. Be sure to mention any specific seating requirements you may have, such as a preference for a window or an aisle seat or if you are traveling with a group and need to be seated together.

The representative will confirm your seat selection and provide any additional information you may need for your flight.


Choosing the right seat for your flight can be an important part of travel. It can affect your comfort level, ability to sleep or work during the flight, and overall experience. Delta Airlines provides a variety of cabin classes, each with its unique Delta seat selection policies and options. 

While basic economy passengers cannot select their own seats, all other passengers have a range of options to choose from, including preferred seats, Delta Comfort Plus seats, and luxurious first class and Delta One cabins. Members of the Delta SkyMiles program can also enjoy additional seat selection benefits based on their elite status. 

You can select your seats online through the official delta airlines website, offline at the respective airport, or by calling a Delta customer care representative. Be careful about the policies associated with the different types of ticket purchased to choose the seat that meet your specific preferences and enhance your travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can use Delta SkyMiles to redeem an award ticket in a premium cabin at the time of ticketing if there are available seats on the flight.
If you opt to change or cancel your flight before the 24-hour check-in window, you may be eligible for an eCredit that reflects the value of your seat purchase. It can be utilized for future travel.
According to the Delta Airlines seat selection policy, you can upgrade your Delta Airlines ticket 3 hours before departure or until the check-in window closes. Upgrades are add-ons to the purchase of an initial ticket, and you do not need to buy a new ticket.
If you want to purchase an upgrade for your seat after buying a ticket, you can do so by visiting or by contacting our customer service representative. You can also purchase an upgrade by accessing "My Trips" on the Delta Airlines website and looking for the upgrade offers banner located at the top of their trip. If available, they can purchase an upgrade to a Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, or Delta Comfort+ seat as an add-on. It is important to note that post-purchase upgrades are only sold for individual flights, and all customers included in the reservation must upgrade for the selected flight.
Currently, only tickets for itineraries that Delta or Delta Connection entirely operates are eligible for post-purchase upgrades. It's important to note that Basic Economy tickets do not qualify for upgrades.
As per the Delta Airlines seat selection policy, you can not select the seat during a booking in these conditions: Economy Class passengers are not allowed to choose their seats. If some other passenger has selected the seat, you cannot choose that seat for yourselves.
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