JetBlue Airlines Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Airlines Flight Change Policy

You can change your JetBlue Airlines ticket in a hassle-free manner. No flight change charges are applied for the ticket canceled within 24 hours of the initial booking to ensure a satisfactory customer experience.

The JetBlue Flight Change Policy can help you identify which rules apply to your situation, enabling you to get the best from your travel plan. 

For more information, you can contact our 24x7 customer support on 1-888-601-7006.

JetBlue Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

As per the JetBlue Flight Change Policy, you can change your JetBlue Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days before the scheduled departure time. The eligibility and extent of changes will vary depending on the type of ticket, but no JetBlue change fees will be charged. You will only have to pay the differential fare amount applicable on your new Jetblue ticket.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy [2023 Updated]

  • You can modify or change your JetBlue flight before the scheduled time of departure. The eligibility and extent of changes will vary depending on the type of ticket purchased.
  • For JetBlue nonrefundable tickets, JetBlue change fees will be charged per person. On the other hand, for Jetblue refundable tickets, no change fees will be charged.
  • Jetblue Travel Credit will be provided after deducting the change fee, whatever remaining, which you will be able to use against your future travel with JetBlue Airlines
  • If the new flight fare is more expensive than the original fare, passengers are required to pay the differential amount

Special Condition - JetBlue Flight Change Fees Waiver For Non-Refundable Tickets

You may be able to change your non-refundable JetBlue Airlines flight for free if: 

  • There’s been a death in the family
  • You’re a government or military Employee
  • You have a personal illness or injury

Under any of these situations, contact our 24x7 customer support on 1-888-601-7006. If the documents provided by you are approved, your JetBlue change fees will be waived by the airlines and you will be provided with a travel credit, valid for one year from the original booking date.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Change

JetBlue Flight Change Policy - Same Day Change

JetBlue's Same day flight change policy allows passengers to change their flight to an earlier or later flight on the same day and to the same destination. However, the availability of this policy is based on the type of fare purchased by the passenger, and the passenger must have a confirmed reservation.

  • Same-day Flight Change is offered for all fare options
  • The change must be for the same city pairs or nearby airports (if applicable) 
  • The same-day switch option becomes available from midnight in the departing flight’s time zone and is only valid for the same calendar day as your originally scheduled flight
  • Mosaic customers can switch flights for free at least 24 hours before the originally scheduled flight time
  • Customers with refundable fares can also switch flights for free.
  • Same-day switch option is also available for TrueBlue redemption bookings

JetBlue Same Day Standby Policy

JetBlue's standby policy allows customers to list for standby travel at the airport on the day of their originally scheduled flight, subject to availability. 

For standby travel on JetBlue, you must have a confirmed seat reservation for a flight between the same city pairs on the same day as the standby flight you wish to take. Standby can be listed for any sold-out flight on the same calendar day as the confirmed scheduled departure.

  • There is a $75 charge to list standby for all fares except Blue Extra. This fee is refundable if you are not confirmed on your standby flight.
  • Standby travel is only available to customers departing from cities with multiple flights on the same day. Standby is unavailable to customers departing from cities with one flight a day.
  • Standby travel can only be listed at the airport, not online or over the phone.
  • If you have an Even More® Space seat and choose to travel on standby, you will forfeit the seat fee and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Mint® customers may travel on standby, but the Mint seat will not be guaranteed and will only be assigned if available. The $75 fee will apply, and the Mint experience will not be refunded if a core seat is assigned.
  • Only one person per reservation must be at the airport to list for standby, but each individual must be present to check-in.
  • Mosaic customers and customers with a refundable fare will not be charged a fee to list standby.

JetBlue Flight Change - Change Through Us

You can change your JetBlue Airlines ticket with us in the quickest and easiest way. To change your flight, submit the form above or contact our 24x7 customer support on 1-888-601-7006.

JetBlue Flight Change - Change Through JetBlue Airlines

  1. Visit
  2. Go to "Manage Trip"
  3. Enter your booking details and click “Continue”
  4. Select your flight and click on the "Change flight" option
  5. Choose your new flight and proceed to pay the differential amount, if any
  6. You will receive your updated booking confirmation on your registered email address

JetBlue Flight Change Fees [2023 Updated]

Class TypeFlight Change Fees
Blue Basic fare
  • Routes in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean: $100 per person change fee
  • All other routes: $200 per person change fee
  • Same-day Flight change fees: $75
Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Mint fares
  • No fees will be charged if you choose to change your reservation before the departure time
  • No fees will be charged for Same-day Flight change

Note: The changes made to a flight reservation will be subject to the fare rules and fare difference applicable on the change date.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you need to make a small correction to your date of birth, you can contact our 24x7 customer support on 1-888-601-7006. However, full changes of birthdate are not allowed. If you need to make a complete change to the date of birth on your Jetblue ticket, you will have to cancel your original reservation and book a new ticket.
You can update your name on your JetBlue ticket in the case of a booking error or a change in your legal name to match your government-issued ID or passport, as long as the date of birth remains the same. You can contact our 24x7 customer support on 1-888-601-7006 to change the name on your Jetblue ticket.
Yes, you can make a Jetblue flight change by filling out the form above, or calling our 24x7 customer support on 1-888-601-7006. You can also visit to make changes to your booking.
The JetBlue change fees are based on the fare option you've purchased. For Blue Basic fares, changes or cancellations are not allowed at any time, so no change fee applies. For all other fare options, the change fee ranges from $75 to $200 per person per flight, depending on the fare type and the change date. You may not be subject to a change fee if you're a Mosaic member or have purchased a refundable fare.
Yes, you may change your fare type on JetBlue. You can change your ticket by paying the difference in fare and any applicable change fee. However, your new ticket will be subject to the rules and restrictions of the new fare type. Be sure to check the fare rules carefully before making any changes to your reservation.
Yes, you can change the destination when making a JetBlue flight change. However, you may be charged with some fees or restrictions when making such changes to your travel itinerary.
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