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JetBlue Pet Policy

The JetBlue Pet Policy aims to ensure your travel experience with your pets is easy and hassle-free. These policies, guidelines & documentation requirements may vary depending on the origin of your flight, the destination, booking date, travel date, and your ticket type with JetBlue airlines.

JetBlue Pet Policy - JetBlue Flying with Pets

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy

  1. You can only carry small cats and dogs in the cabin, in a FAA approved pet carrier, when flying by JetBlue 
  2. When you’re traveling with pets on Jetblue, you can carry a maximum of 2 pets per passenger, provided every pet has their own separate carrier. If you want to travel with a second pet, you must pay for a second seat and the JetBlue pet fee.
  3. You can purchase up to 7” extra legroom for your JetBlue flight, along with priority boarding & security, and a permission for a carry-on bag, on a Blue Basic ticket, with the Even More Space. 

    For details, check the JetBlue Reservation Policy.

  4. If you’re flying with JetBlue to a destination outside the US and your dog is over 12 weeks old, you’ll need a valid rabies vaccination certificate. This vaccination certificate must include your pet’s identifying information (breed, age, sex, color, and identifying marks), vaccination date that’s within 30 days of the arrival date, and a vaccination expiry date, signed by a licensed veterinarian.
  5. During take-off and through the flight, your pet must remain inside their carrier
  6. Your pet stroller can be checked-in for no extra cost or at the gate-checked

JetBlue Pet Policy - JetBlue Pet Fee

The JetBlue pet fee is $125, one way. You will be able to include the option in the extras section when you book your JetBlue flight

JetBlue Pet Policy - JetBlue Pet Travel Checklist

  1. Documents required as per the JetBlue Pet Policy
  2. Necessary vaccinations
  3. Pet license
  4. FAA approved pet carrier that is within the aforementioned dimensions
  5. ID tags
  6. Pet treats and chewables to handle air pressure during flight
  7. Your pet’s preferred toy
  8. Other pet supplies

Pets on JetBlue - Pet Carrier Requirements

  1. Your pet should be able to move comfortably inside the pet carrier, when closed
  2. The pet carrier can be both - soft-sided or hard-sided
  3. The carrier dimensions should not exceed 17” (length) x 12.5” (width) x 8.5” (height)
  4. The combined weight of the carrier and your pet should remain within or equal to 20 pounds
  5. The pet carrier should be properly ventilated
  6. The carrier should have a leak-proof bottom
  7. The pet carrier should be free from potential escape routes
  8. The carrier should contain only one pet at a time

You can also buy an approved carrier from the airport ticket counter for $55. This may be subject to availability.

For baggage allowances on your JetBlue flight ticket, check the JetBlue Baggage Policy.

JetBlue Flying with Pets - Everything you need to know

  1. A maximum of 6 pets are allowed on every JetBlue flight. This is why you must try and book your ticket well in advance to reserve the spot for your furry friend.
  2. The JetBlue pet travel policy recommends you book an aisle or a window seat when traveling with a pet on JetBlue.
  3. The pets must remain in the pet carrier at all times, within the airport and during the flight
  4. Your pet and the carrier will count as a personal item. Your pet carrier must fit underneath the seat in front of you. The approved range of dimensions for a pet carrier on JetBlue is 43.18cm (length) x 31.75 (width) x 21.59cm (height). The approved maximum combined weight of your pet and the pet carrier is 20 pounds.
  5. You can travel with only one pet per carrier. Your pet should be able to move comfortably within the carrier space, when closed.
  6. If you’re traveling by Blue Basic, you can carry one personal item along with the pet carrier, no carry-on bags will be permitted.

JetBlue Pet Policy - Traveling with a Service Animal

A service animal is a dog that has been trained to perform jobs for a qualified individual with disability. The JetBlue pet travel policy allows you to fly with a service animal, subject to the below mentioned conditions -

  1. The service animal should be a trained service dog only
  2. The service animal should at all times be under control of the handler with a leash, harness or other tethering means
  3. A behavioral assessment of the service animal will be done by the airport authorities, to ensure safety of your fellow passengers and staff
  4. The request to fly with a service animal should be completed minimum 48 hours before the scheduled departure
  5. The service animal must remain on the floor at all times, or should be small enough to fit fully on the passenger’s lap, without touching any part of the tray table, seat, or another passenger
Frequently Asked Questions
JetBlue allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin with their owners. Other types of pets, such as birds or reptiles, are not permitted in the cabin and must be shipped through JetBlue Cargo.
Yes, JetBlue allows a maximum of 6 pets on every flight. This is why you must try and book your ticket well in advance to reserve the spot for your pet or service animal.
JetBlue does not specifically impose breed restrictions. However, the JetBlue authorities reserve the right to refuse transportation to any animal that, in their judgment, might pose a threat to the health or safety of other passengers.
Yes, JetBlue allows pets on board their flights, subject to adherence to certain restrictions and guidelines related to JetBlue pet travel.
Visit the official JetBlue website to make a reservation for your pet. You can book your pet's travel at the same time or shortly after booking your own ticket on a JetBlue flight.
Like every airline, JetBlue has a specific set of requirements for pet carriers. The carrier must be well-ventilated, leak-proof, and secure. It should allow your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
Yes, the JetBlue pet fee is $125, for every trip, each way. You will find the option to avail the option of JetBlue pet travel in the extras section when booking your ticket.
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