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Lufthansa Baggage Policy

The Lufthansa Baggage Policy will help you plan your travel seamlessly without having to worry about extra baggage or baggage fee that you’ll end up paying. Lufthansa baggage allowance and baggage fees may vary with the type of your ticket, your flight fare, your route, and your loyalty status with the airlines.

Lufthansa Baggage Policy - What Can You Carry?

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance - Liquids in Carry-on

  • Container with liquid or gel-like items (up to 100 ml)
  • All the containers should be packed in a transparent, resealable, plastic bag (up to 1 litre). Only 1 such bag is allowed per passenger.
  • Medicines and special foods can be carried outside this plastic bag

The plastic bag with liquid containers, the medicines, and the special foods (eg. baby food) must be presented at the security.

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance - Free Baggage, Size & Weight

Lufthansa Airlines- Bags Weight an Dimension policy

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance - Free Checked Baggage

According to the Lufthansa Baggage Policy, the maximum baggage size that is allowed on a Lufthansa flight is 158 cm (width + height + depth). Any baggage items exceeding the size or weight limit shall be allowed as excess baggage against Lufthansa baggage fees.

Travel Class & RouteLufthansa Free Checked Bag Allowance
Economy Light (within Europe) 
Economy Classic & Flex (within Europe)1 checked bag (up to 23 kg)
Business Class (within Europe)2 checked bag (up to 32 kg each)
Economy Light (Intercontinental) 
Economy Class (Intercontinental)1 checked bag (up to 23 kg)
Premium Economy Class (Intercontinental)2 checked bag (up to 23 kg each)
Business Class (Intercontinental)2 checked bag (up to 32 kg each)
First Class (Intercontinental)3 checked bag (up to 32 kg each)

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance - Carry-on Baggage

According to the Lufthansa Baggage Policy, the permissible Lufthansa carry-on size cannot be bigger than 55x40x23 cm. If you’re traveling with a foldable garment bag, make sure it is not bigger than 57x54x15 cm.
Valuable items, medicines, personal documents, laptops, and mobile phones must only be carried in a carry-on baggage.

Baggage allowance for carry-on items on Lufthansa will vary depending on the route, the travel class, and the ticket fare.

Travel Class & RouteLufthansa Carry-on Allowance
Economy Class1 carry-on (up to 8 kg)
Premium Economy Class1 carry-on (up to 8 kg)
Business Class2 carry-on (up to 8 kg each)
First Class2 carry-on (up to 8 kg each)

Apart from these, additional carry-ons that are allowed on a Lufthansa flight include -

  • A handbag or laptop bag (up to 30x40x10 cm)
  • A child seat, foldable pushchair, or carry cot
  • Mobility aids (wheelchair, etc)

Lufthansa Baggage Fees

According to the Lufthansa Baggage Policy, individuals traveling by Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class are allowed to book extra baggage if required. Passengers can book extra baggage allowance on their ticket by paying Lufthansa baggage fees at the airport.

Individuals traveling by Lufthansa Economy Light can book 1 checked bag (up to 23 kg) by paying the Lufthansa baggage fees online. This baggage fee is non-refundable. 

Get quick details on Lufthansa Fare Types and Baggage Allowances.

Lufthansa Baggage Policy - Economy Light Allowances

  • Passengers traveling by Economy Light are not allowed to carry any sports baggage without paying the Lufthansa baggage fees.
  • HON Circle Members, Senators, and Star Alliance Gold Customers traveling by a Lufthansa intercontinental flight by Economy Light, are allowed 1 checked bag free of charge, which can only be declared at the airport. If booked online, standard Lufthansa baggage fees will be applicable on the said baggage.
  • When traveling with a child on Economy Light, only the accompanying adult can book an extra baggage, and purchased further excess baggage,

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance - Traveling with Babies & Children

If you’re traveling with a baby (0-2 years) on any Lufthansa ticket (except Economy Light), you are allowed to carry 1 free checked baggage (158 cm & up to 23 kg). For children above 2 years of age, same baggage allowances shall be applicable as for adults.

Passengers are allowed to carry a child restraint system when traveling with a child between the ages of 2 to 7. When traveling with a baby (0-2 years), you can carry a child restraint system only when you have purchased an additional seat for the baby.

Seats, baskets or foldable pushchairs that are suitable for flying, can be carried as an additional carry-on, for no extra charge.

Lufthansa Baggage Policy for Connecting Flights

For majority connecting flights, your baggage can be checked through to the last destination. However, your baggage cannot be checked through to the final destination when -

  • Your airport is changing at the transfer location
  • There are certain operational restrictions
  • There is a specified requirement in the transit country’s Custom regulations to take the bags through customs and check them in again

Lufthansa Baggage Policy - Excess Baggage Rules

According to the Lufthansa baggage policy, if your number of baggages are in line with the Lufthansa Baggage Allowance but exceed the permitted weight limit or dimensions, or the number of baggage exceeds the permissible limit, you will be charged a flat Lufthansa baggage fees.
Items that weigh more than 32 kgs are not accepted on Lufthansa flights as travel baggage, and are sent as air freight.

Frequently Asked Questions
The hand baggage allowance with Lufthansa depends on your travel class and fare type. Generally, Economy Class passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on baggage, while Business and First Class passengers may have additional allowances.
According to the Lufthansa baggage policy, liquids and gels allowed in the carry-on should not exceed 100 ml in each container and these containers should be packed in a plastic bag, not exceeding 1 litre.
Lufthansa baggage fees for excess baggage is applicable if the checked baggage exceeds the weight, size, or number of items limits set by Lufthansa Airlines. The baggage fees would vary depending on your route and ticket type.
In the unfortunate event of lost or damaged baggage, Lufthansa offers a baggage tracing service to locate and return your belongings. You should report any issues immediately to the airline's representatives at the airport or file a claim on their official website.
The Lufthansa baggage allowance for checked baggage will vary with the class type, your ticket fare, and the route you have booked the flight for.
For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Lufthansa's baggage policy, including baggage allowances, fees, and guidelines, you can visit their official website.
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