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Lufthansa Pet Policy

Lufthansa pet policy is designed to provide you and your furry companions a travel experience that is pleasant and hassle-free. Lufthansa pet travel guidelines and requirements may vary with the origin of the flight, the date of travel, and the ticket type.

Lufthansa Pet Policy: Travel Options

Lufthansa Pet Policy

Lufthansa Airlines offers various options for transporting pets:

1. Lufthansa Pet Travel in Cabin: Small pets, including dogs and cats, weighing no more than 8 kg (17.6 lbs) including their carrier, can accompany passengers in the passenger cabin. This option allows passengers to keep their pets nearby during the flight.

2. Lufthansa Cargo Hold Travel for Pets: Larger pets or those exceeding the cabin weight limit will travel safely in a special, temperature-controlled area in the aircraft's cargo hold. This ensures their comfort and well-being throughout the journey.

3. Lu fthansa Pet Travel Worldwide: If passengers need to transport animals not covered in the above options or other species, Lufthansa Cargo offers solutions for air freight transportation.

4. Assistance Dogs: We accommodate assistance dogs free of charge. Specific requirements apply, so please review guidelines for traveling with assistance dogs.

Lufthansa Dog and Pet Travel: Booking Your Pet's Travel

To ensure a hassle-free journey, follow these steps when booking your pet's travel with Lufthansa:

1. Contact Lufthansa for Pet Travel: Inform the airline of your intention to travel with a pet when booking your ticket. Be sure to do this well in advance, as space for pets on each flight may be limited.

2. Check Lufthansa Pet Travel Requirements: Verify that your pet meets Lufthansa's health and vaccination requirements. Different destinations may have specific regulations, so double-check your journey's requirements.

3. Lufthansa Approved Pet Carrier: Invest in an IATA-approved pet carrier that follows Lufthansa's guidelines. It should provide ample ventilation, security, and comfort for your pet.
Check the baggage allowances on your Lufthansa flight ticket in the Lufthansa Baggage Policy.

4. Vet Visit for Pet Travel: Schedule a visit to your veterinarian to ensure your pet is fit to travel. Your vet can provide a health certificate and offer guidance on additional precautions.

Important Considerations for Lufthansa Pet Travel

Lufthansa Pet Travel in Cabin

Pets must remain in their carriers under the seat in front of passengers during the entire flight.
Ensure your pet is calm and well-behaved throughout the journey.
Be aware of additional fees for in-cabin pet travel.

Lufthansa Cargo Hold Travel for Pets

- Lufthansa cargo hold maintains proper ventilation and temperature control.
- Pets are securely placed in carriers to prevent movement during transport.
- Lufthansa provides trained staff to handle and care for pets during loading and unloading.

Lufthansa Pet-Friendly Destinations

Lufthansa Airlines serves a wide range of pet-friendly destinations worldwide, ensuring that pets can accompany passengers on their adventures.

Lufthansa Pet Travel Regulations and Compliance

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Lufthansa pet travel regulations, as well as the import and export regulations applicable to your pet in your departure, transit, and destination countries. Obtaining all necessary travel documentation for your pet and complying with animal welfare provisions is crucial.

Note: Lufthansa reserves the right to impose even stricter regulations when necessary and may refuse bookings on specific routes due to local circumstances.

Maximum Number of Pets per Passenger

Each passenger is allowed to transport a maximum of two animals in approved carrying containers. You can choose to transport them in the cabin or the cargo hold, as follows:

- No more than two animals (dogs or cats) in the cabin (in approved carriers) OR no more than two animals in the cargo hold (in one or two approved carriers).
- Alternatively, you can transport one animal in the cabin (in an approved carrier) and one animal in the cargo hold (in an approved carrier).

Please be aware of the minimum age requirements for animals:

- Dogs and cats: Minimum age is 12 weeks for most destinations and 15 weeks for travel to/from/via Germany.

Lufthansa Pet Welfare During Travel

To ensure your pet's comfort and well-being during the journey:

- Familiarize your pet with its carrier at home by placing it inside for short periods.
- Consult your veterinarian regarding sedatives, as they can affect your pet's response to travel.
- Include familiar items like a "comfort blanket" and your pet's favorite toy in the carrier.
- Adjust your pet's food needs according to the travel schedule.

Lufthansa Pet Travel Check-In Options

For passengers traveling with pets, online and mobile check-in is available 23 hours before departure. Please note that you must collect your boarding pass at the airport check-in counter.
Go to the Lufthansa Check-in policy.

Taking Pets into Lufthansa Lounges

Lufthansa welcomes your four-legged friends into Lufthansa lounges, but for the comfort of all guests, kindly ensure your dogs or cats remain in their carriers or pet carriers while in the lounge area.

Additional Information on Lufthansa Pet Travel

For more detailed information on traveling with specific breeds, snub-nosed animals, or carrying containers, Contact 24/7 customer support at +1-888-209-7088.

Pricing for Lufthansa Pet Travel

The cost for transporting pets as excess baggage varies depending on your route and the size of the carrying container. This fee is applied per flight direction and includes connecting flights. Prices also apply for return flights and stopovers lasting more than 24 hours.

Payment for your pet's travel can be made at the airport check-in counter or at the Lufthansa service counter. Additionally, you can bring your pet along with your free baggage allowance.

Please note that a surcharge of EUR 150 / CHF 170 / USD 170 / CAD 220 applies for animals in the hold during transfers via specific airports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to travel with their pets. You can choose to have your pet in the cabin with you or transport them in the cargo hold, depending on their size and weight.

Lufthansa accepts dogs and cats as the primary pets for travel. Other animals may be transported as air freight through Lufthansa Cargo. Assistance dogs are also accommodated.

Small dogs and cats weighing no more than 8 kg (17.6 lbs), including their carrying container, may be transported in the cabin. Larger pets are not allowed in the cabin.

When booking your own ticket, inform Lufthansa of your intention to travel with a pet. Ensure you meet all pet travel requirements and have an IATA-approved pet carrier.

Yes, there may be additional fees for pet travel, especially when pets are in the cabin.

Pets must meet specific health and vaccination requirements, including a health certificate issued by a veterinarian. Check the regulations for your specific destination.

Yes, Lufthansa accommodates assistance dogs free of charge. Make sure to follow the guidelines for traveling with assistance dogs.

Prepare your pet by familiarizing them with the travel carrier, consulting with a veterinarian, and providing comfort items like a blanket and toys.

Yes, Lufthansa allows pets in their lounges, but they should remain in their carriers or pet carriers for the comfort of all guests.

Yes, there are special regulations and recommendations for certain breeds of dogs, especially fighting dog breeds, and snub-nosed animals.

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