Orbitz Flight Change Policy

Orbitz Flight Change Policy

Orbitz Flight Change Policy is designed to make hassle-free and seamless flight changes to your flight bookings on Orbitz. Whether your schedule has shifted or you're looking to make new plans, you can do it all. 

Orbitz Flight Change Policy- Within 24 Hours

Orbitz Flight Change Policy- Within 24 Hours

Some airlines allow change to their flight bookings through Orbitz for free within 24 hours of booking. This means passengers can make changes to their flight bookings without worrying about the Orbitz change flight fees. Passengers must make sure to check if their airline offers the 24 hours option.

Orbitz Flight Change Policy- More Than 24 Hours

If it's been more than 24 hours since you booked your Orbitz flight tickets, you can log in to your Orbitz account and check the "Trips" section to make changes to your flight booking. 

Orbitz Flight Change Policy- Basic Economy or Light Fares

Certain fare types, such as Basic Economy or Light fares, might not be eligible for changes. To determine your fare type, refer to your confirmation email or itinerary for specific details about your flight.

Orbitz Flight Change - Same-Day Flight Changes

For those needing to change their flight within 24 hours of departure, it's important to know that additional costs may apply. These could include change fees and fare differences. However, certain airlines may offer reduced orbitz change flight fees if you initiate the change directly through them. You can find more information by visiting the websites or contacting Alaska, American Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, and United.

Orbitz Flight Change Policy - Change Flight through Orbitz

  • Visit the official Orbitz website
  • Login to your account and click on 'My Trips'
  • Select the trip you want to change and click on “Change or Add Flights”
  • Choose the new flight and proceed to pay the differential amount, if any
  • Confirm your new booking and receive the updated details on your registered email address

Orbitz Roundtrip Flights with Two One-Way Fares

Some roundtrip flights have 2 separate one-way fares, each with unique rules and limitations. These combinations are offered to provide competitive rates and more suitable choices for your travel needs.

Here's what you should know about roundtrip flights consisting of 2 one-way fares:

  • Multiple Charges: Your billing statement will show distinct charges for each journey segment. Each flight is billed separately by the airline.
  • Changes and Cancellations: Unlike regular roundtrip flights, changes or cancellations made by the airline to one segment of your journey will not automatically affect the other segment. The rules and restrictions specific to each flight will still apply.
  • Cancelling the Entire Trip: If you need to cancel your entire roundtrip consisting of 2 one-way fares, please note that you must contact us to cancel each Orbitz flight tickets individually.
  • Baggage Policies: Remember that each airline maintains its distinct baggage policy. It's recommended to visit each airline's website to understand the number of bags you can check and whether any baggage fees apply.
  • Booking Flexibility: Unlike regular roundtrip flights, you can't save flights with 2 one-way fares for booking later. Ensure you make your selections when you're ready to book.

If you want to cancel your flight booking on Orbitz, check the applicable rules and eligibility in the Orbitz Cancellation Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some airlines allow you to cancel your flight for free within the first 24 hours of booking. This allows you to book a new flight without incurring change fees. Make sure to check with your specific airline for their policy.
It depends on the airline and fare type. Basic Economy or Light fares may not be eligible for changes. Review your confirmation email or itinerary for specific information about your fare type.
Yes, changing flights within 24 hours of departure may involve additional costs, such as change fees and fare differences. Some airlines offer reduced change fees if you go through them directly.
Yes, you can upgrade your cabin class. However, contact your airline to understand their upgrade policies. Upgrades often come with additional costs, including fare differences.
If you miss or skip your departure flight, the airline may automatically cancel your return flight. This rule only applies if you have a roundtrip with two separate one-way fares.
Changing flights can differ if you have a roundtrip with two separate one-way Orbitz airline tickets. For flights with low-cost carriers, contact the airline directly to change that specific flight. You can still manage the other flight booking through Orbitz.
When searching for alternative flights in the "Change Flight" section, you'll see an estimate of the flight change cost, if applicable. This estimate includes the fare difference and any change fees.
Log in to your Orbitz account and navigate to the "Trips" section. From there, you can initiate changes to your flight itinerary.
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