Priceline Flight Change Policy

Priceline Flight Change Policy

Priceline Flight Change Policy provides clear information to navigate the process of making flight booking changes easily and seamlessly. This includes modification to your flight reservation at Priceline, understanding options, or correcting passenger names.

Priceline Flight Change Policy - Priceline Change Flight

Priceline Flight Change Policy

  • Log in and access your reservation on the official website
  • Select ‘View/Change Itinerary’
  • Review the Priceline flight change policy and select ‘Change’ to proceed
  • You'll receive an email confirming your flight change, with refund/credit updates to follow

Note: Two one-way flights require separate flight changes/cancellations.

Priceline Flight Change Policy - Exchange Guidance

  • Review fare rules on your online itinerary
  • Changes must be made before your first flight departs
  • Follow guidelines to identify new travel dates and itinerary
  • Complete the change with an understanding of the fare difference and Priceline flight change fee

Priceline Flight Change Policy - Schedule Changes

Passengers receive a formal communication via email when the itinerary is modified by the concerned airline. Confirm your flight schedule 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Priceline Flight Change Policy - Name Changes

  • Priceline airline tickets cannot be transferred to another name. The names on the ticket must match the presented IDs.
  • Use ‘Cancel Itinerary’ on the website.
  • After 24 hours, the airline’s name correction policies will apply.

Specific Name Scenarios

  • Maiden to Married Name: ID + marriage certificate might work for domestic travel.
  • Minor Name Misspelling: If < 2 letters, most airlines + TSA allow boarding.
  • Hyphenated to Single Name: No issue on domestic/international flights.
  • Missing Suffix/Middle Name: Won't affect security clearance.

If you want to cancel your Priceline flight booking, check the refund eligibility and applicable rules in the Priceline Flight Cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions
You'll receive an email confirmation once you cancel your flight reservation online. This confirmation might take time to include updates regarding refunds or credits. Rest assured, Priceline will notify you once your refund or credit request has been processed.
To ascertain whether changes are permissible for your flight reservation, you can consult the fare rules outlined in the contract before booking and accessible on your itinerary after booking.
For instances where passenger names require correction, you have options. If you've recently purchased a disclosed fare within 24 hours, you might be eligible to use the "Cancel Itinerary" option.
Yes, indeed. If you've booked two one-way flights, you can still cancel each flight on your reservation independently. Visit the official website to make the changes in your flight booking.
In the event of a schedule modification, Priceline will notify you via email. For peace of mind, please confirm your flights and check-in location with the airline before each departure.
Certainly! Priceline's online self-service tools allow you to change or cancel your flight reservation through their website.
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