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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

The Spirit Airlines pet policy has laid out guidelines for everyone who is looking to travel with their pets on a Spirit Airlines flight. The well-defined regulations ensure that you and your pet have a hassle-free flying experience, no matter where you’re flying from. The Spirit pet policy may vary with the origin/ destination of your flight, the date of your booking, the date of your travel, and your ticket type.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy - Spirit Airlines Pet Travel

Spirit Airlines allows small domestic pets to travel on all Spirit domestic flights in the cabin. According to the policy, emotional support animals are also required to travel as pets on these flights. Passengers who are traveling with a pet are required to check-in at the airport ticket counter on the date of travel. 

Go to the Spirit Airlines Check-in policy.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Passengers with pets on a Spirit Airlines domestic flight can select a seat anywhere on the flight, except the emergency exit rows and the first row. Also, the guidelines strictly state that the animals traveling with passengers must remain inside their carrier throughout the flight.

Spirit pet policy allows pets who are:

  • Domestic cats or domestic dogs
  • Small domestic rabbits (except when flying to/from USVI and Puerto Rico)
  • Small household birds (except when flying to/from USVI and Puerto Rico)
  • The term ‘household birds’ excludes flightless birds, birds of prey, poultry birds, game bird, and waterfowl
  • Minimum 8 weeks old in age and completely weaned
  • Odorless, harmless, inoffensive, and will be able to stay without attention in their carrier throughout the flight
  • Not sick, in physical distress, or violent

Spirit Airlines does not allow exotic pets like rodents, spiders, snakes, etc on their flight. Spirit authorities & staff hold the right to disallow any pet on a flight, owing to an offensive behavior or disturbance prior to boarding the flight.

It is recommended that you make a booking for your pet soon after you have confirmed your booking to travel by a Spirit Airlines flight.

Spirit pet policy only allows a maximum of 6 pet carriers on every domestic flight. The pets are admitted on a first come, first served basis. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy - Spirit Airlines Pet Fees

Spirit Airlines pet fees are $125 per pet carrier, each way of traveling with the airlines. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy - Spirit Airlines Pet Requirements

Spirit Pet Policy - Pet Carrier Requirements

  • A maximum of 2 pet carriers are allowed, provided there’s 1 pet carrier per passenger
  • The pets should be able to stand upright and move around comfortably inside the carrier
  • The combined weight of the pet carrier and the pet should not exceed 18.14 kgs or 40 pounds
  • The pet carrier should fit properly under the seat in front of you during the flight
  • The pet carrier must be well ventilated and leak-proof
  • Only soft carriers are allowed on flight as per the spirit airlines pet policy, provided they don’t allow the pet’s head to remain outside the carrier
  • The maximum dimensions of the pet carrier are 18”(length) x14”(width) x 9”(height) or 45.72cm(length) x 35.56cm(width) x 22.86cm(height)
  • The pet carriers must comply with all government regulations


For baggage allowances on your Spirit Airlines ticket, go to the Spirit Baggage Policy.

Spirit Pet Policy - Document Requirements

  • Passengers don’t have to submit a health certificate for their pet traveling on a Spirit Airlines flight cabin, except for passengers traveling to USVI

Spirit Pet Policy - Vaccination Requirements

  • Passengers have to submit a rabies vaccination certificate for their pet traveling on a Spirit Airlines flight cabin to Puerto Rico
Frequently Asked Questions
The pet carrier is counted as 1 carry-on baggage + 1 on a Spirit Airline flight.
No, Spirit Airlines does not allow pets to travel in the cargo hold on the flight. Pets must travel in the cabin with their owners, subject to the maximum limit and other pet travel requirements.
Spirit Airlines pet fees is $125 per pet carrier, each way of the flight. This is subject to change on discretion of the airlines.
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