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Swiss Airlines Pet Policy

Swiss Airlines' pet policy has been designed to provide you and your pets a travel experience that is pleasant and hassle-free. Swiss Air pet travel guidelines and requirements may vary with the flight's origin and destination, the travel data, and the ticket type. 

Swiss Air Pet Policy- Key Restrictions 

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy

When traveling with your pets on Swiss Airlines, you must be aware of specific restrictions to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and their furry companions. Here's a detailed overview of these restrictions:

  • Transport Options: Swiss Airlines offers two transport options for dogs and cats: in the cabin or the hold. However, specific guidelines have been established by the airlines, based on factors such as breed and age.
  • Short-Nosed (Brachycephalic) Breeds: Short-nosed or brachycephalic breeds, which include dogs like Bulldogs, Pugs, and certain cat breeds, are only allowed to travel in the cabin. These breeds are particularly susceptible to temperature and stress, posing health risks. Therefore, they are not approved for transport in the hold.
  • Passenger Limit: Each passenger can travel with a maximum of two animals in approved transport containers. This includes -
    • Up to two animals (dogs or cats) for one passenger
    • One animal in the cabin and one in the hold
    • A maximum of two animals in the hold, either in one or two approved transport containers
  • Age Requirement: Dogs and cats are eligible for travel on Swiss Airlines only if they are at least 12 weeks old. This age requirement helps ensure the health and safety of young animals during the journey.
  • Cargo-Only Countries: It's important to note that pets may only be imported as cargo in certain countries as per the Swiss Air Pet Policy. These countries include Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Specific cargo regulations and procedures must be followed if your destination falls into this category.

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy- Kennel Requirements

Kennel sizeDimensions in cmWeight in kg
157 x 37 x 364
271 x 50 x 516
382 x 57 x 608
493 x 65 x 6811
5105 x 75 x 7914

Check the baggage allowances on your Swiss Airlines flight booking in the Swiss Air Baggage policy.

Swiss Air Pet Fees

The International Aviation Authority, IATA, has established guidelines governing transport containers, which Swiss Airlines pet policy diligently follows to ensure the well-being of animals. These guidelines outline transport container conditions, appearance, and minimum size.

Please ensure your pet container is lined with a suitable absorbent material and is appropriately sized for your pet. You must also affix the IATA "Live Animals" label to your container.

ZonesTransport in the cabin(max. 8 kg)Transport in the hold(Kennel size 1)Transport in the hold(Kennel size 2–5)
Within SwitzerlandCHF 57
EUR 50
USD 57
CHF 92
EUR 80
USD 92
CHF 184
EUR 160
USD 184
EuropeCHF 70
EUR 60
USD 69
CHF 115
EUR 100
USD 115
CHF 230
EUR 200
USD 230
Levant and North AfricaCHF 93
EUR 80
USD 93
CHF 149
EUR 130
USD 149
CHF 299
EUR 260
USD 299
Short-haul intercontinentalCHF 103
EUR 90
USD 103
CHF 172
EUR 150
USD 172
CHF 346
EUR 300
USD 346
Medium-haul intercontinentalCHF 115
EUR 100
USD 115
CHF 195
EUR 170
USD 195
CHF 391
EUR 340
USD 391
Long-haul intercontinentalCHF 126
EUR 110
USD 126
CHF 218
EUR 190
USD 218
CHF 437
EUR 380
USD 437
From/to JapanCHF 90
EUR 70
USD 100
CHF 180
EUR 150
USD 200
CHF 360
EUR 300
USD 400

Please note: An AVIH surcharge of EUR 150 / CHF 170 / USD 170 / CAD 220 will apply for transfers via Geneva, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Zurich.

Swiss Air Pet Policy- Container Specification

  • The container should be a suitable size for your pet to stand up, move around, and lie comfortably in a natural position
  • The top of the container must be watertight to protect the pet from rain, snow, or hail
  • The container should be securely fastened together if it comprises upper and lower sections
  • The container must be robust, lockable, and clean, featuring a waterproof base lined with absorbent material
  • The door should be securely fastened; cable ties are recommended for added security
  • The container should be user-friendly for Swiss Airlines staff to handle and should provide protection against potential scratch and bite injuries from the animal

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy - Accommodation in the Plane

When traveling with your beloved pet on Swiss Airlines, the accommodation for your pet varies depending on their weight and the size of their transport container. It's essential to be aware that regulations concerning the transport of animals can differ based on the country and airport, including restrictions on transport or freight-only options. To ensure a seamless journey for your pet, 

Note: Certain destinations may not permit the transport of large animals in the cargo hold due to local conditions and restrictions.

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy - Transport in the Cabin (Less than 8 kg)

Swiss Airlines welcomes certain pets to travel in the cabin, subject to some specific criteria.

Eligible PetsWeight Limit (Including Transport Container)Container Size LimitAdditional Conditions
Dogs and CatsUp to 8 kgMax. 118 cm (55 x 40 x 23 cm)Clean, escape-proof, and scratch-proof soft container. Must remain fully within the container throughout the flight.
Larger Guide DogsN/AN/AClean, healthy, non-dangerous, and odor-free. No size or weight restrictions. Confirmation required.

Swiss Air Pet Policy Transport in the Hold (More than 8 kg)

The conditions for transporting pets are akin to those in the cabin. The hold maintains comfortable temperature and air pressure conditions, even on longer flights. However, please note that you cannot visit your pet in the hold during the flight.

Eligible PetsWeight Limit (Including Transport Container)Container Size LimitAdditional Conditions
Dogs and Cats (Non-Snub-Nosed Breeds)More than 8 kgMax. 118 cm (55 x 40 x 23 cm)Clean, healthy, non-dangerous, and odor-free. Appropriate container or crate required.

For travel via specific airports like FRA, MUC, VIE, ZRH, or GVA, an additional fee of EUR 150/CHF 170/USD 170/CAD 220 per animal applies (for tickets issued after April 1, 2021).

Note: Animals other than dogs and cats cannot travel in the hold on a Swiss Air flight. Certain species may be transported as freight.

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy - Transport as Cargo

Animals Traveling Without a Human Companion

If your pet travels independently, without a human companion, it will be transported as cargo. Swiss Airlines ensures that your animal is safe and comfortable during this journey.

Animals Traveling to Countries Requiring Cargo Transport

Certain countries have specific regulations that mandate transporting animals as cargo. In such cases, your pet will be transported accordingly.

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy - Traveling to Switzerland with Dogs and Cats

If your journey involves flying directly to Switzerland with your dog or cat, please take note of the following important information:

  1. Upon arrival in Switzerland, your pet will undergo a customs check at the airport
  2. If your pet does not meet the entry requirements set by Swiss authorities, it may be confiscated by the Border Veterinary Service
  3. In such cases, the responsibility for arranging the return of the animal to its country of origin falls upon the person who brought the animal into Switzerland

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy - Importing Dogs into the USA

Importing dogs into the United States involves specific regulations, particularly due to the risk of rabies. To ensure a smooth process when bringing your dog into the USA.

Swiss Airlines Pet Policy - Importing Dogs into Canada

You must adhere to Canadian import regulations when bringing a dog into Canada, whether as a pet or a trained service animal. Provide the required documents to avoid delays at the border, and your pet may not be allowed entry into Canada.

  1. Obtain the necessary documents and information regarding Canadian import regulations well before travel to ensure a smooth entry process.
  2. Verify the specific documentation requirements for your situation, whether traveling with your pet to Canada or importing an animal into the country.

By following these guidelines and staying informed about the destination country's regulations, you can ensure your pet's safe and hassle-free journey.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, Swiss Airlines welcomes pets on their flights. You can transport your pet in the cabin as checked baggage or cargo, depending on your pet's size, weight, and destination.
According to the Swiss Airlines pet policy, pets traveling in the cabin must typically weigh less than 8 kg (including the transport container). The maximum container size allowed is 118 cm (55 x 40 x 23 cm). Exceptions apply to trained guide dogs.
Larger dogs may be allowed in the cabin of a Swiss Airlines flight if they’re trained as guide dogs for visually impaired passengers. These dogs must fit in front of the passenger's seat and meet certain requirements.
Snub-nosed breeds are only accepted in the cabin due to their sensitivity to temperature and stress. These breeds are not approved for transport in the hold.
Each passenger is typically allowed to bring a maximum of two animals with them, either in the cabin or hold, depending on the destination and flight capacity.
Dogs and cats must be at least 12 weeks old to travel with Swiss Airlines.
Pets traveling in the hold of a Swiss Air flight must be clean, healthy, and not dangerous. They should not be pregnant and must travel in a suitable container with ample food and water for the journey.
Yes, certain circumstances may require pets to be transported as cargo. This includes animals traveling independently or to countries with specific cargo transport regulations.
Yes, additional fees for traveling with pets may vary depending on the size and destination.
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