Travelocity Flight Change Policy

Travelocity Flight Change Policy

The Travelocity Flight Change Policy ensures your travel remains seamless despite flight changes with complete and absolute guidelines to manage your travel bookings.

Travelocity Flight Change Policy - Within 24 Hours

Travelocity Flight Change Policy

Certain airlines allow you to cancel your flight within the first 24 hours of booking, free of charge. This empowers you to select a new flight that aligns better with your needs without worrying about Travelocity change flight fees. Be sure to verify if your airline extends this option.

Travelocity Flight Change Policy - More Than 24 Hours

Should more than 24 hours have passed since your booking, you can access your Travelocity account and navigate to the "Trips" section. Here, you can smoothly adjust your flight itinerary.

Travelocity Flight Change Policy - Basic Economy or Light Fares

Specific fare types, such as Basic Economy or Light fares, might need to be amendable. To identify your fare type, refer to your confirmation email or itinerary for precise details regarding your flight.

Travelocity Flight Change Policy - Same-Day Flight Changes

If your need to alter your flight arises within 24 hours of departure, be aware that supplementary expenses could be involved. These encompass change fees and fare differences. However, some airlines may present reduced Travelocity change flight fees if you initiate changes directly through them.

Travelocity Roundtrip Flights with Two One-Way Fares

For roundtrip flights consisting of 2 separate one-way fares, bear these in mind:

  • You'll notice separate billing for each journey segment.
  • To cancel the entire roundtrip, contact us to cancel each Travelocity flight tickets individually.
  • Baggage policies differ per airline. Visit each airline's website for baggage guidelines.
  • Unlike regular roundtrips, flights with 2 one-way fares can't be saved for later booking.

If you want to cancel your Travelocity flight booking instead of making a change, check the applicable rules and eligibility in the Travelocity Flight Cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some airlines allow free cancellations within the first 24 hours of booking. This lets you book a new flight without worrying about change fees. Make sure to verify this option with your specific airline.
The change fees associated with your flight modification can vary depending on the airline and fare type.
Basic Economy or Light fares may have limitations on changes. Refer to your confirmation email or itinerary for specific details about your fare type.
Low-cost carriers often have their own policies for changes and cancellations. While Travelocity can provide you with their contact information, following their procedures for changes is recommended.
If you're looking to upgrade your cabin class, it's advisable to contact the airline directly to understand their policies and processes.
To modify your flight, log in to your Travelocity account and navigate to the "Trips" section for self-service changes.
If more than 24 hours have passed since your booking, you can log in to your Travelocity account to initiate changes.
If you miss your departure flight, the airline may cancel your return flight. However, if you have round trip flights with two one-way fares, this rule may not apply.
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