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Virgin Atlantic Checkin Policy

You can checkin to your Virgin Atlantic flight using multiple options - you can use the mobile app, visit the official website, or checkin at the airport. Make sure you have your booking confirmation number handy when checking in.

Virgin Atlantic Checkin Policy - Your Booking Reference Number

Virgin Atlantic Checkin Policy

Regardless of the Virgin flight you are flying on, a booking reference is a unique identifier for your reservation. This specific code or reference number can be located on your tickets, your booking confirmation, or travel documentation and is commonly referred to as the 'booking reference.'

Virgin Checkin - eTicket Number

Your 13-digit eTicket number with Virgin Atlantic, commencing with 932, is essential for various purposes, including online checkin. This number is found on your Virgin Atlantic tickets and booking confirmation.

Virgin Checkin -  Holidays Booking References

For passengers who have booked a holiday package through Virgin Holidays, the booking reference can be found under 'Airline Booking Reference' at the top of your holiday invoice.

Virgin Checkin - Travel Agent Booking References

Booking reference numbers issued by most travel agents are also accepted. Typically, these references consist of a six-digit alphanumeric combination, which can be found in your travel documentation or obtained from your travel agent upon request.

Virgin Atlantic Checkin Policy - Checkin Options

Irrespective of the chosen Virgin airline, Virgin Atlantic checkin offers several options -

Virgin Airways Checkin Policy- Online Checkin

Online checkin is the quickest and most convenient way to checkin for your Virgin Atlantic flight. It is accessible 24 hours before your flight's departure time until 70 minutes before departure. Virgin Atlantic online checkin also allows passengers to -

  • View and modify their seat
  • Upgrade their seat
  • Add baggage and Advance Passenger Information (API)
  • Print or download their boarding pass to to their smartphone

Virgin Airways Checkin Policy - Checkin Through App

Passengers can use the mobile app for a seamless checkin experience while on the move. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and passengers can complete the checkin process in no time.

Virgin Airways Checkin Policy - Checkin at Airport 

Airport Checkin counters are available at all airport locations. These counters generally conclude operations 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time; however, this timeframe may vary. Passengers are encouraged to consult the airport guide for their departure airport for specific details.

Virgin Atlantic Checkin Policy - Caribbean Inter-Island Flights

Passengers traveling between Caribbean islands on inter-island services should note that online checkin on these routes is unavailable. For all flights between these routes, checkin must be done at the airport.

Virgin Checkin - For flights from Barbados to St Vincent and Grenada:

  • Checkin becomes available 2 hours before departure.

Virgin Checkin - For flights from Grenada and St Vincent to Barbados:

  • Checkin becomes available 4 hours before departure.
Frequently Asked Questions

Virgin Atlantic offers several checkin options, including Virgin Atlantic online checkin, checkin through mobile app, and airport checkin.

Virgin Atlantic online checkin is available 24 hours before your flight's departure and can be done up to 70 minutes before departure.

To checkin for your Virgin Atlantic flight, you'll need your booking reference (Record/Booking Locator), eTicket number, or a booking reference from a travel agent if applicable.

You can use Virgin Atlantic online checkin to view and modify your seat, upgrade your seat, and add baggage.

Your booking reference can be on your tickets, booking confirmation, or travel documentation. It's commonly referred to as the 'booking reference.'

The eTicket number is a 13-digit number starting with 932. You can find it on your tickets and booking confirmation.

Yes, you can checkin at the airport using the airport checkin counters. However, arrive within the specified timeframe, usually 60 minutes before your flight's scheduled departure.

No, for Caribbean Inter-Island Flights, Virgin Atlantic online checkin is unavailable. Passengers must conduct checkin at the airport, and specific checkin times apply based on the route.

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